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Traditional Programs

Traditional Masters of Library Science or Masters of Library and Information Science programs require student’s physical presence on location. Today, the majority of schools offer an online or mixed version of their programs

Online Programs

Online programs are completed almost entirely using online resources such as interactive blackboards, chats, videoconferencing, etc. These programs often require an initial attendance the first year, and extensive collaboration through the online resources previously mentioned.

Mixed Programs

Mixed MLS programs offer a variety of both types of programs. Programs such as Emporia State teach classes at many sites in the western states. The classes are held several times a semester on select Fridays and Saturdays, with all work being done online. The University of North Texas holds a conference in the western states at the beginning of every semester. Other than these meetings, the program is completely online. Follow the links below to see other mixed program options.

Additional Information

The link below leads to a word document listing several MLS programs and details that most students look at before applying for a program.

Download a PDF document with information for 12 MLS schools (fees, deadlines, etc.)

Keep in mind that a school’s admissions information changes fairly often. We will only update this information every 1-2 years, so the most accurate numbers can be found on each individual school’s website. The link below will take you to the American Library Association’s website where you can find a comprehensive list of ALA-accredited schools that offer MLS programs and each school’s website.

Visit the American Library Association’s website for a list of ALA-Accredited programs.